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One of SOS EARTH's goals is to help people foster their love and awareness for the environment, cultures, and communities. We place high value and emphasis upon the idea of learning by doing, seeing, and touching! We also strongly believe that to become part of the solution to many of our world's environmental and social issues starts with getting out there to see the world! As a result, we are driven to host expeditions whenever the opportunity arises, in order to offer people of all age groups various unique hands-on experiences.


Through these expeditions, our "SOS EARTH-lings"and Rangers (those who have completed an SOS EARTH expedition or joined a cause!) will be able to immerse themselves in life changing activities that focus on one or many of the following topics below. Whether it's getting your hands dirty to plant trees, helping to restore a sea turtle cove or building solar panel homes for indigenous communities, we hope there's something that will spark your interest. Please note that not all expeditions will be suitable for everyone, so please be sure to thoroughly read the details of the expeditions we post!

Local Community Engagement & Conservation

Meet with local community members and indigenous people to learn about their ways of living, culture, and environmental challenges. Help build community institutions at project sites that represent community voices.

Early Education

Help us educate local communities on sustainable agriculture and give them tools on how to conserve their natural resources. Come to local schools with us to help educate children about the ways they can be a part of long term change for the future.

Forest Restoration

Come help us plant trees and support local farmers to grow more trees! Get involved with our trips to the forests and get your hands muddy!

Wildlife Rescue & Conservation

Join us in trips to meet with conservation centers and groups for various wildlife species. See first-hand the affect of human environmental impact on wildlife. 

Marine & Water Conservation

For those who are more fond of the water, look out for our marine and water based expeditions. Whether its replanting corals at the bottom of the ocean or planting mangroves, it will be a fun experience for everyone!

Disaster Relief & Volunteer

In unfortunate times, SOS EARTH will join hands with other institutions and organizations to give as much help has possible to those who have fallen victims of natural disasters or other circumstances. You can join us to help those in need. These will be adult only expeditions and those who wish to participate will have to meet the specified criterias for everyone's safety.


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New Year New Trees - Forest Restoration

In partnership with OurLand Nature Conservation Effort

Dec 28-29, 2019 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand