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The EU Canal Cleanup Day (18 September) this year will be preceded by a joint campaign conducted in partnership with 3 local organisations and key opinion leaders from:


  • เถื่อน Channel

  • Little Big Green

The campaign will focus on raising awareness for conscious consumption and waste, bringing to light how much trash we actually create in our daily lives and how people can contribute in addressing it amongst their communities. 


An online challenge will be hosted by the campaign ambassadors after they complete the challenge of collecting their personal trash for 14 days (1-14 September). The trash collected will be used by 3 fashion designers to design creative outfits that will be worn by the campaign ambassadors and presented at the Canal Cleanup Day event on 18 September. 


Participants in this challenge will be invited to join the campaign ambassadors on their personal journey to stimulate a deeper understanding of Thailand's waste problem and how everyone contributes to it, and likewise how they can help address it. The 6 challenge winners will get to participate in the EU Canal Cleanup Day with the campaign ambassadors and learn about the EU’s policies and partnership with Thailand towards greener sustainability.


Collect Your Trash!

Participants shall collect ALL TRASH (eg. food packaging, plastic, recyclables, electronic waste, clothing, etc.) generated between 22nd Aug - 4rd Sep (14 days). No Cheating! This is so you can really see what you consume!

For extra points, participants collect all food waste. It is recommended to store the waste in a freezer until the end of the challenge before disposing properly (as compost or separate bin).

Share It On Social Media!

At the end of each day, participants take a photo of the trash, post and tag @sos.thailand on Instagram or SOS Earth on Facebook.
Hashtags: #Day1#Day2,#TrashMeChallenge#YouAreWhatYouTrash

 #TeamWannaSingh #TeamMaria or #TeamLG 


You may post on your free/favorite days. Posting everyday would be easy for us to track but it is up to your availability.
On the final day, participants lay out all trash and take a photo next to all their trash, post and tag us! 

Create Your Trash Outfit!

How to win! Create a final product from all your trash! (eg. outfit, art installation, etc.) Showcase your masterpiece in a public space, up to to your creativity. Take photos, post and tag us no later than September 11th at midnight.

Hashtags; #TrashMeChallenge #YouAreWhatYouTrash #EUCanalCleanupDay

Participants also choose their team and hashtag accordingly: #TeamWannaSingh / #TeamMaria / #TeamLG

Participants will be scored, measuring from the photos posted based on the following criteria:

1. Impact of final product (public visibility, strength of message, call to action, understandability, etc.)
2. Creativity

Win A Cool Experience!

What will you win?! Winners will be selected to join the exclusive EU Canal Clean up Day event on the 18th September to join Wannasingh, Maria and Loukgolf on a boat, cleaning up the Ladprao Canal Community along with the European Union in Thailand. For non-Bangkok residents, all travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for.